E-books & India

The reason for my new-found interest in e-books should be obvious. My first one is up on Smashwords and I am happy that I have been a relatively early entrant from India in this space. “He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories” is my first offering as an e-book. It’s an anthology of seven short stories set in contemporary India. Continue reading “E-books & India”

New Page on Facebook

As I mentioned in my Facebook Page, I have 762 friends on Facebook, but do realize that all of them need not be my fans.Though I wish they were. Likewise,all my fans are not necessarily my friends on Facebook! It had to happen sometime. It’s happening now. I am consolidating all my writing stuff in a new Facebook Page called, what else but “Prem Rao, Story Teller”.

The content, especially the pictures may be old for some of the more recent fans, but hopefully the old ones will put up with them for the time being. The process of  transition is a gradual one.