Highest Paid Authors

Like in every other business, in writing too there are a few authors who make more money than millions of others put together! Yes, I realize that you write for the love of writing, to find an outlet for your creative talent and so on, but you might be inspired by reading this article in Forbes on  The World’s Highest Paid Authors.The names are familiar, the figures are staggering! Two key take aways emerge:

  1. You can’t afford to ignore the ebook market, not even if you are a big name author.
  2. Young Adult is a huge segment the world over.
All of us just how popular ebooks are becoming in the Western world. It won’t surprise me to see ebooks take off even in a country like India over the next five years as ebook readers of different types become less expensive and hence more affordable.
If you don’t address the youth and cater to their tastes, there’s no harm in it but you will be effectively staying away from a massive segment of potential readers.
As an author, if you wish to re-cast your strategy based on this, I believe it would be wise. I, for one, am most certainly going to do that!

One thought on “Highest Paid Authors

  1. it’s also important to find your own niche in writing world as if you just one author who can write amazing books about something then you will always get your own audience and your books will be in demand, so those young adults’ writers have found the right group of people to write for and this is good!

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