Writers Are Prophetic

It is reported that our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, wanted the theme of the 2015 Republic Day Parade  to be “Nari Shakti”  or “Womens’ Power.” Accordingly we saw in New Delhi yesterday for the first time an unprecedented number of young women from the Defence Services march past in this event.  There were, again for the first time, all-women contingents from the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy. These were commanded by Capt. Divya Ajith, Squadron Leader Sneha Shekawat and Lieut. Commander Sandhya Chauhan respectively. Continue reading “Writers Are Prophetic”

“Lucky For Some, 13”

“Lucky For Some, 13” was my second thriller, published in December 2012. You can order it from Amazon.com or Amazon.in

Here’s the back cover copy:

“Is the only good terrorist a dead one? When she captures two fanatic fidayeen after their sensational terror strike in Goa in January 2010, little does Major Mohini Nair of India’s elite counter terrorism force, the National Security Guard, realize that they would be back to haunt her and the nation later that year.
In September 2010, in another audacious, chilling attack, some of Bangalore’s rich and famous are taken hostage in “Opulence” that last word in luxurious living, in a place and at a time they least expect. Clearly, the best of technology has crashed before base human emotions of greed and fanaticism. Continue reading ““Lucky For Some, 13””

Ordering “Lucky For Some, 13”

Here are some more ways you can order my second thriller, ‘Lucky For Some, 13″ online. This is a story of terror strikes in India In 2010 , first in that lovely holiday destination of Goa and later in that bustling Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.

  • Catskart:  delivers to you anywhere in India. Feels good to see that “LFS13” features prominently in the “Suspense and Thrillers ” list with books by great names like: Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Dan Brown, etc. I consider this an honour.
  • ShopClues.com: at a ridiculously low discounted price:)
  • Amazon.in: 

Evolving As A Writer

I was reflecting the other day on how I have evolved as a writer over the last few years that I have been deeply involved in writing.  When I wrote “It Can’t Be You” my debut novel, I had no idea how it would all end but I vastly enjoyed an incredible new experience of writing a story and getting a book published.

On reflection, a few thoughts about the writing of “It Can’t Be You.”

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Ordering “Lucky For Some, 13” and “It Can’t Be You”

I met some old friends recently and we were chatting about my books, my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” and my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.” They wanted to know where the books would be available online, which is where many people seem to do their shopping these days. This spurred me to update information on where my books can be ordered. Continue reading “Ordering “Lucky For Some, 13” and “It Can’t Be You””

Sleeper Cells & Terror Plots

In the writing of my second thriller, “Lucky for Some, 13” I have made use of “sleeper cells” which are activated by terrorists, which is a common enough gambit across the world.  During war-time, it is not uncommon for countries to activate largely dormant sleeper cells in their enemy countries and get them to do what they expect of them. The German Abwehr, for example, had several sleeper cells active in both Britain and the United States during the Second World War. Continue reading “Sleeper Cells & Terror Plots”

Now Available on Amazon.in

I write of the book buying experience in India, though the principles are the same the world over. In the old days, if you wanted to buy a book, you had to drive down to the shopping area to get one from a bookstore.  You sort of pottered around, read a little, browsed through a few books and came away with whatever books you chose to buy. It was an enjoyable experience but it took a lot of time.

With time becoming at a premium, things changed with the advent of the online portals like Flipkart and the like. They offered many advantages. You didn’t have to go hunting for a book, not sure whether the bookstore has it in stock or not. You ordered it online and it reached you in reasonable time at reasonable cost. You can pre-order books too so that you get them much earlier than most. I have an article on this in my writing blog, Writing To Be Read.

Now comes news that the biggest online player of them all, Amazon.com has begun servicing retailers in India through Amazon.in.

I am pleased to see that ” Lucky For Some, 13″ can now also be ordered through Amazon.in.

Radicalisation and the new face of terror.

No one expects terror strikes in broad day light in England. Such attacks have been a few and far between. We were shocked to hear about a recent attack in Woolwich  in which a young British soldier , Drummer Lee Rigby, was beheaded. What was more shocking was that his assailants made no effort to escape. They stood there and proudly proclaimed their motive for killing the soldier. I am sure they had nothing against him personally but to them he represented something they were against. Continue reading “Radicalisation and the new face of terror.”