Book Titles

Here’s a confession. The titles of my writing work have come to me as flashes of instinct. They have not come as a result of long hours of torturous thought on the pros and cons of each title.

When I wrote my first novel “It Can’t Be You”, I thought this title would enhance the appeal of the book. In my view, it adds to the overall air of mystery, the book is associated with. The title comes from out of a conversation at a critical time in the story. The words could have been used by just about anybody in the book. I hope the reader is intrigued and wonders who said this to whom and why!

“Lucky For Some, Thirteen” takes its name from a well-known superstition that 13 is an unlucky number. Many people avoid the number if they can help it. Not all people, of course. Think of the millions who were born on the 13th, for example. Seen from a different perspective then, 13 is considered lucky for some. I used the title since many events and the climax of the book take place on the 13th floor of a luxury apartment building.

How does it work for you?

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