Great work, Steve Berry

What do authors do? Apart from writing, of course? Do they espouse causes? Do they have time for their non-literary interests? These questions came to me mind recently. By sheer co-incidence, I chanced upon this article in the Wall Street Journal about author, Steve Berry.Steve has raised more than $85,000 for the preservation of historic museums, libraries and cemeteries, amongst other sites. He is committed to working for a cause that he holds dear to him. Mr. Berry was struck when one archivist told him “every second of every day, another page of ink fades away that cannot be read.”

As a thriller writer, Steve has a huge fan following. I remember reading his article  ” 8 Rules for Writing” in the Writer’s Digest, which you may find useful.

Reading about Steve made me reflect on my own interests. What do I do apart from writing? I like to think I spend much of my spare time propagating the works of  P.G.Wodehouse, my favorite author, whose writings gave great pleasure to millions of fans across the decades.

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