ICBY Is One Year Old!

November 29 filled me with nostalgia. Not for times long gone by but for a day only a year ago, which happened to be one of the happiest in my life. On November 29, 2010, at Crossword, Bangalore, my debut novel, a psychological thriller “It Can’t Be You” was launched by Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder and Gardener of MindTree.I vividly remember the excitement. Would people turn up for the launch? Would my book and I make a good impression in our first formal presentation to the world? Would people go away with a positive view of the book, and I assume, the author too?

That evening went off exceedingly well. The book launch was a great success. Sudeep Nayak captured snippets of the proceedings and put it up on YouTube.

For me, a dream had come true. I was now a “published author”. I was on my way to a new career. I had no idea what the future would have in store, or how the book would be received. I did have confidence that things would go off well.

Today, as I look back to that day, I have a sense of satisfaction. “It Can’t Be You” has been very well received.  One year after its launch, it ranks 193 out of 20,114 titles listed in the  “Suspense” category of Flipkart.

My exciting journey in story telling continues……

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