Writing A Book Proposal

Till now I have written fiction and the process generally followed to get your manuscript finally published as a book is one I am familiar with. Key points here are to write a strong query, a succinct but interesting synopsis and of course have some top quality writing in the first few chapters. Without these, I am afraid, you may not succeed in your efforts to get your book published. But hang on a moment, is the submission process the same for non-fiction?I have taken the plunge and am working on a non-fiction project. This prompted me to study what needs to be done. I find that for a non-fiction project, a book proposal is the make or break event. I found a lot of useful material by William Cane. This happens to be the pen name of Michael Christian, a Professor of English at the Boston College.

Another set of perspective, that from a literary agent, can be found at Nathan Bransford’s “How To Write A Non-Fiction Book Proposal.

So mush for starters. There’s a lot of great material here. I intend boning up on them so that I might turn out an excellent book proposal, as and when I reach that stage!

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