OL Book Reading Event

We had a wonderful time up at Lovedale earlier this month. As part of the 154th Founder’s Day celebrations at The Lawrence School, Lovedale ( where I studied between 1959 and 1967), a Book Reading Festival was organized for the first time for Old Lawrencians who had published books in recent years.

I was one of the 5 authors who read from our published works.  The event was a great success. Apart from the works of us Old Lawrencians, some very interesting pieces were read out from current students. As I mentioned in my concluding remarks on behalf of the authors, we saw a wide range of writings from a wide range of authors! The youngest person whose work was read out was a girl of 9, while the oldest of the lot was me, with my debut novel published when I was 59!

If you are interested, here are some pictures from this memorable event.

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