Lines from “It Can’t Be You”

Yesterday, at the Pan South India Alumni Meet of XLRI at the grand ITC Gardenia at Bangalore, I was one of the alumni authors who exhibited our works, so to speak. My debut novel “It Can’t Be You” was displayed along with half a dozen other books by XLRI alumni who have had their work published in recent years.

When I was chatting with some of the guys, the topic turned to writing and the best phrases that people remembered from books they had read. That set me thinking. How many people would remember phrases/sentences from my book, I wondered?

Here is a random selection of phrases/sentences that I enjoyed writing:

  • The lights from the modem linked to the computer on the Colonel’s table blinked as if they knew the answers.
  • The scars on my face were secondary. I couldn’t tell her that the scars in my mind were far worse.
  • He often said, ” Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
  • Before I drifter off to sleep, I wondered what I would have to do to get people speak of Colonel Belliappa as my father, rather than have them speak of me as his son.

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