A Wealth of Knowledge for Writers

I am excited because I have just downloaded something which I keenly look forward to reading. No, it’s not a novel but a booklet about creating characters that bring greater interest in your novel. I am speaking of “Crafting Unforgettable Characters” a free e-book that you can get, courtesy K. M. Weiland. Her blog called Wordplay has great content and lots of it. No wonder her by line reads ” Helping Writers Become Authors.”Wordplay was chosen one of the Top Ten Blogs for Writers in 2011. A well-deserved honor. An admirable feature of this blog is the extent to which she shares her knowledge of the art and craft of writing. This is what makes it memorable and worth every minute of your precious time.

Her free e-book teaches you to craft unforgettable characters and I can say for sure that Wordplay is an unforgettable blog.

2 thoughts on “A Wealth of Knowledge for Writers

    1. You are most welcome. The e-book is very interesting. I haven’t finished it yet and will definitely send you my comments after I am through with it.

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