“Practical Tips On Writing A Book”

If you or someone you know has this dream of writing a book some day, here’s one place where you get the collective wisdom of many famous writers. I speak of an old post by Steve Silberman in his blog “NeuroTribes.” In this post 23 brilliant authors share their thoughts and experiences in writing a book. These authors have written about a wide variety of subjects. Their thoughts and views are often as varied as the subjects they write on.

There’s so much material here that I bookmarked this site so that I can visit and re-visit and read the tips at leisure. It might be far too much to digest at one sitting! I came away from this blog hugely motivated to write more, and write better.

I left a comment on my observations on writing:

  • Don’t expect monetary rewards but write because you enjoy writing. The joy of writing and creating some thing which others will enjoy, is reward in itself.
  • There is no short cut to writing success. Reading about the experience of others makes you more savvy, but at the end of the day, they can’t write for you.
  • Take what works for you because you and your experiences are unique.



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