A Treasure Trove of Writing Tips

There really is no end to learning. If you seek what you want to learn, there are many places, thanks to the power of internet, where you can get enough and more. I have followed  many blogs and websites over the years, and continue to track them. I have gained considerably from reading different points of view on writing. I go in more for those which are practical and straight forward , rather than those which are highly technical. In today’s post, I put together some of these resources for writers:

  • Writing Tips from Ezra Barany: An easy to read collection of tips, interviews, and pointers to other resource sites. For example, amongst the tips in the latest edition, I found ” 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers” to be particularly useful. I have used quite a few of these hashtags, but have learnt of many more today.
  • Writer’s Helper from Audrey Owen: Another collection of interesting material from a veteran editor. These writing tips have practical value and can be implemented quite easily, if you are willing to put in the effort.
  • Daily Writing Tips: my all time favourite, may be because I discovered this earlier than most others. The range of advice is truly amazing.  It has something for everybody, from the novice to the experienced writer. I have found their material to be highly useful, well displayed and explained. I would strongly recommend this to any one who wishes to write, and write well.

In due course, I would like to add on more such sites. For the present, I would urge you to spend some time exploring these and see what you can take away from them. Do share them so that more people can benefit in the process.

I am sure you will find them as educative as I have.

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