3 Reasons Why I Write Thrillers

When I described myself as a thriller writer, I was once asked what drew me to this genre. What was it about thrillers that fascinated me so much? This was indeed food for thought. On reflection, here are the 3 reasons why I write thrillers:- Continue reading “3 Reasons Why I Write Thrillers”

“Practical Tips On Writing A Book”

If you or someone you know has this dream of writing a book some day, here’s one place where you get the collective wisdom of many famous writers. I speak of an old post by Steve Silberman in his blog “NeuroTribes.” In this post 23 brilliant authors share their thoughts and experiences in writing a book. These authors have written about a wide variety of subjects. Their thoughts and views are often as varied as the subjects they write on. Continue reading ““Practical Tips On Writing A Book””

Blog Crawling- 2

The sheer diversity of blogs never ceases to amaze me. Be it in terms of content, writing style, the visual appeal or almost anything else, you will find a delightful range of blogs on writing, on books and on matters literary. Today, I invite you to join me as I point you to a few blogs that have recently caught my attention. Continue reading “Blog Crawling- 2”

A Wealth of Knowledge for Writers

I am excited because I have just downloaded something which I keenly look forward to reading. No, it’s not a novel but a booklet about creating characters that bring greater interest in your novel. I am speaking of “Crafting Unforgettable Characters” a free e-book that you can get, courtesy K. M. Weiland. Her blog called Wordplay has great content and lots of it. No wonder her by line reads ” Helping Writers Become Authors.” Continue reading “A Wealth of Knowledge for Writers”