A book in two sentences.

One of the requirements of being an author is the ability to condense the entire book you have written/or are writing to a few key lines. This is an important element in your repertoire of writing skills. How easy or difficult is it to describe the story line of a 80,000 word book in a few lines? As you know, it is widely advocated that you shouldn’t even go beyond two sentences!This is easier said than done. Take it from me. You will never get it right the first time. You need to work on crafting it till it meets your requirement. Hopefully, it will generate interest in the reader coupled with a curiosity to know what the book is about.

So, what’s ” Let The Dead Stay Dead”, my work in progress, about? “A young woman battles mental illness to live out the past to acquit herself of a murder, she doesn’t remember having committed. The murder of a man, she is not sure she knows.”

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