Reviews of “It Can’t Be You”

An author feels thrilled to see reviews of his/her book.  They give you insight of what other people have thought of your work. I have found the reviews very useful because they also point towards areas where you need to do better. You get a fair idea of the success of a book when more people review it.“It Can’t Be You” was my debut novel and was released in November 2010. In a couple of months from now, it would have been around for two years. I thought it would be convenient for new readers to see reviews of the book, all in one place.

With this objective, here are links to a few reviews:

  1. In BookChums by Sonia.
  2. In “In My Book Shelves” by Sakhi Shah.
  3. In Book Reviews

I’ll hunt for and post more reviews in the days to come.

Do leave a comment on the reviews themselves and the impressions you form of the book.


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