Cast of Characters

Who are the people in “Lucky For Some, 13”? I take great pleasure in introducing to you, some of the cast of characters in this thriller. It should be available on Flipkart, later this month and in book shops in November 2012.

  • Major Mohini Nair: officer in the National Security Guard, tenacious, patriotic and a fighter, but a woman all the same.
  • Mala Kumar: IPS, a close friend of Mohini’s. Walks a balance between her professional and personal interests.
  • Alice Hatchman: blonde and beautiful. Carries the scars from a past she can’t get away from. There aren’t many as vindictive and brutal as her.
  • Darshan “Dash” Sawney: multimillionaire, tough- talking business tycoon with a soft heart.
  • Imad Qadir: known simply as “IQ” to the many who revered and feared him.

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