Here’s The Cover!

I am awfully excited to present to you the front cover for my next thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” .

To my mind, the front  cover should give potential readers some idea of what lies between the covers of the book.  It should grab the attention of the potential reader. It should make the potential reader want to see/read more.

For perspective, here’s the back cover copy of the book. “Is the only good terrorist a dead one? When she captures two fanatic fidayeen after their sensational terror strike in Goa in January 2010, little does Major Mohini Nair, of India’s elite counter terrorism force, the National Security Guard, realize that they will come back to haunt her and the nation later that year.

In September 2010, in another audacious, chilling attack, some of Bangalore’s rich and famous are taken hostage in “Opulence” that last word in luxurious living, in a place and at a time they least expect. Clearly, the best of technology has crashed before base human emotions of greed and fanaticism. Ransom money is not what the mysterious terrorists want. They want the release of their two comrades and safe passage in exchange for the hostages. The blood-curdling brutality of the perpetrators, who include the beautiful Alice Hatchman, petrifies the hostages driving the story to a fever pitch.

Relishing the gruesome to show her power is easy for Alice as she loves no one. Rescuing the hostages is made more difficult for Mohini, as amongst them is the man she loves. Can the 13th floor penthouse of “Opulence” prove to be lucky for some?”

With the back cover copy providing the context, was your interest aroused on seeing the cover? What hooked your attention? Did the cover tell you what to expect in the book? Does the front cover meet the criterion for success? Does it appeal to you as the reader? I would love to hear your comments.

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