Interview in “The Hindu”

A friend called excitedly to say she had seen the article in Coimbatore, as did later a cousin from Chennai. We had of course seen it in the Weekend edition of Metroplus in The Hindu of December 14, 2012. I speak of my interview in The Hindu, one of India’s most reputed newspapers, about my new thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.”

In this I credited my alma mater, The Lawrence School, Lovedale for instilling in me a deep and abiding interest in the military and in thrillers. As I said, the school is “steeped in military history” having been established way back in 1858, as a school for the children of British soldiers serving in the Army in India. This went on to become the old British Indian Army. By the time I got there in 1959, a year after the school celebrated a hundred years, it was no longer the ” Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School” which it ceased to be when India became independent in 1947. Yet the rich traditions continued as did a close link with the military. After the Indo-China War of 1962, there was a huge surge in the number of children admitted from the families of serving defence personnel. Not surprisingly,I counted amongst my friends many from ” fauji” families.

We had a fabulous Library and this helped inculcate the habit of reading very early in our lives. Admittedly we didn’t have internet or even TV in those days, so one spent all one’s spare time in games or in reading books.

I hope you will read ” Lucky For Some 13″ and will enjoy reading it as much ad I did writing it. It would be great if you leave a rating or a review if you buy the book on an online portal, like Flipkart for example.

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