“He Sees Everything” and Other Short Stories

My first collection of short stories, “He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories”  was published as an ebook in Smashwords. It is my first, and so far only, attempt to publish eBooks. Let me share what these stories are about:-

  • He Sees Everything: How much is enough in this world? The greed shown by people lead them to decisions they may not ordinarily have taken. They are responsible for the consequences of their actions.
  • Ask If You Will : A bunch of friends in a hostel room search for answers using occult, with results they least expect.
  • A Friend In Need: When friendships are at a premium these days, it is rare to come across a friend who stays by you come what may.
  • Trapped: An Indian Army officer is caught up in an affair with a beautiful girl. Can he make amends for his mistakes?
  • Speaking of Gratitude: How is affection for one’s parents measured? By what you say about them or the way you treat them?
  • Two Sides Of A Coin: There’s always a flip side to anything. What’s good for one, may be bad for someone else. It depends on your position and point of view.
  • Too Many To Thank: A man comes out of a medical crisis with one thought in his mind. Gratitude for the many who helped him come put of it.

I hope you will like these stories which are all set in India. Your comments and views would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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