LFS13 on Goodreads

Goodreads is a very popular portal with a vast membership. I read from their entry in Wikipedia that they have more than 10 million members and 20 million monthly visits! That’s tremendous for a site launched in January 2007.  As you probably know, in Goodreads members comment upon, rate and recommend books that they have read.

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Top Blogs for Writers

I have always believed that there’s a great amount to be learned just by reading what other writers have to say. Blogs are a wonderful medium by which writers express their views on different aspects of the writer’s life. It’s interesting to see things from differing perspectives and realize that what you thought was the best way need not really be so at all.  Here’s something I really enjoyed. I must warn you though that reading all of this will take up a certain amount of your time. In my view, it is time well spent. Continue reading “Top Blogs for Writers”