The First Line

How does your novel start? Is the first line memorable? Does it grab the attention of the reader? In my debut novel, a psychological thriller, “It Can’t Be You” I wanted to start by telling the reader about an important event that had taken place in as concise and impactful manner as I could. The result:” The man was dead.”

In my second thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13”, the story opens with a terror strike in the Indian State of Goa on the first Saturday of January and it made me write: “India stood still that Saturday.”

I was fascinated by this amazing list from the American Book Review titled, ” 100 Best First Lines From Novels.” Read this list at leisure. See the different approaches. See how things have changed over time. See what resonates with you.

You might like this article by Andrew Pyper writing in The Globe and Mail  where he speaks of crafting the novel’s crucial first line. He says, ” The first line cannot, under any circumstances, be dull.”

Who knows some day your first line might feature in such a list!

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