The First Line

How does your novel start? Is the first line memorable? Does it grab the attention of the reader? In my debut novel, a psychological thriller, “It Can’t Be You” I wanted to start by telling the reader about an important event that had taken place in as concise and impactful manner as I could. The result:” The man was dead.” Continue reading “The First Line”

Radicalisation and the new face of terror.

No one expects terror strikes in broad day light in England. Such attacks have been a few and far between. We were shocked to hear about a recent attack in Woolwich  in which a young British soldier , Drummer Lee Rigby, was beheaded. What was more shocking was that his assailants made no effort to escape. They stood there and proudly proclaimed their motive for killing the soldier. I am sure they had nothing against him personally but to them he represented something they were against. Continue reading “Radicalisation and the new face of terror.”