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I write of the book buying experience in India, though the principles are the same the world over. In the old days, if you wanted to buy a book, you had to drive down to the shopping area to get one from a bookstore.  You sort of pottered around, read a little, browsed through a few books and came away with whatever books you chose to buy. It was an enjoyable experience but it took a lot of time.

With time becoming at a premium, things changed with the advent of the online portals like Flipkart and the like. They offered many advantages. You didn’t have to go hunting for a book, not sure whether the bookstore has it in stock or not. You ordered it online and it reached you in reasonable time at reasonable cost. You can pre-order books too so that you get them much earlier than most. I have an article on this in my writing blog, Writing To Be Read.

Now comes news that the biggest online player of them all, has begun servicing retailers in India through

I am pleased to see that ” Lucky For Some, 13″ can now also be ordered through

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