“Let The Dead Stay Dead” Ready for Publication

The good news is that my third thriller, “Let The Dead Stay Dead” is now ready for publication. Now that NaNoWriMo is over for 2013, and in all modesty let me say that I completed it successfully for the 5th consecutive year, my focus shifts to bringing this project to a fruitful finish.

As I launch the project of selling “Let The Dead Stay Dead”, I would like to share some thoughts on the book:

  • I guess the title was influenced by my love for the James Hadley Chase books I devoured during my childhood.
  • In the book I explore some aspects of a huge subject, mental illness and schizophrenia as seen through the prism of one of the main characters. These needed a huge amount of researching on my part which fortunately is something I love doing anyway.
  • Another subject which I had to research in some depth was the Indian legal system as the story involves a court case where a character stands trial for murder.
  • The book has elements of mystery and suspense. I like to think it is a psychological thriller which is influenced by my fascination for psychology and the human mind.
  • The book is of some 90,000 words and was started on November 1, 2011 when I did NaNoWriMo that year.
  • All said and done, I am excited about LDSD and am busy with the submission process to get my book noticed by a literary agent who will represent it, or a publisher who will publish it!

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