Getting Published: Useful Links for Would Be Authors

Gosh, I wish I had seen some of these earlier! I didn’t, but perhaps by sharing these someone else somewhere may gain from them. Here are a few links which I think are extremely useful to those of you who seek to get your book published through the traditional route. They are from experts who know what it takes to succeed in getting published. Continue reading “Getting Published: Useful Links for Would Be Authors”

“Lucky For Some, 13”

“Lucky For Some, 13” was my second thriller, published in December 2012. You can order it from or

Here’s the back cover copy:

“Is the only good terrorist a dead one? When she captures two fanatic fidayeen after their sensational terror strike in Goa in January 2010, little does Major Mohini Nair of India’s elite counter terrorism force, the National Security Guard, realize that they would be back to haunt her and the nation later that year.
In September 2010, in another audacious, chilling attack, some of Bangalore’s rich and famous are taken hostage in “Opulence” that last word in luxurious living, in a place and at a time they least expect. Clearly, the best of technology has crashed before base human emotions of greed and fanaticism. Continue reading ““Lucky For Some, 13””

Sharpening Your Writing

While it is a lot of fun, there’s no doubt that writing is a lot of hard work too. Fortunately the two are not exclusive and we as writers do get the satisfaction of writing. This could translate to getting for you: money, fame, recognition or self-fulfillment, depending upon why you are writing in the first place. Like any other skill, your writing gets sharpened with practice and incorporating improvements in your style.

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More on Querying

If you want to see your novel published, the querying process is one of the first challenges that you need to deal with effectively. I don’t have the numbers, and the estimates I have read vary so much that it’s difficult to pin the number of queries literary agents receive every day.  I do know for sure they add up to a huge number. Irrespective of this number, the fact remains that the query determines whether your book project will proceed to the next stop or not. Here are a few posts from experts to supplement what I had written some days ago in a post:  “On Querying”. Continue reading “More on Querying”

Resources for Writers

As we begin a new year, I would like to wish you and yours a very happy, successful and bright New Year. May 2014 bring immense joy to you. Usually joy comes through hard work and persistence! To help you move towards achieving your goals as a writer in 2014, here are a few links I found particularly useful: Continue reading “Resources for Writers”