How Good Is Your Author’s Website?

It has virtually become mandatory for an author these days to have a website. Some of them are extremely well done while many others indicate that this is something the author is struggling and coming to grips with,  something he/she doesn’t know too much about. Simon Appleby, director of digital agency Bookswarm lists his “Ten Author Websites That Really Do The Business” in this article in The Writing Platform.How does your website stack up? In my own case, I have tried to give readers an idea of my writings with pages for each of my novels and projects. I have used WordPress since I find this relatively easy to use. I may not be doing a great job of it but heck I am doing everything myself  so there is a price to pay! I make it a point to post at least once a week. I have been able to adhere to this schedule more or less with of course a few inevitable aberrations.

I thought from the standpoint of what I would like to portray to my readers. But that’s not right!I should have seen things from the point of view of the reader. What does he/she want to see on an author’s websites? Do they want more pictures, more extracts of your work, more freebies, or what?

Answers to these questions come from author Darcy Pattison in her website. She writes about “Writing With Fans In Mind” and lists what you should have on your website. Also included are results of a survey which show what most fans seem to want to see in your author’s website.

If your website already has all of these, great! If it hasn’t you might like to sit down and think how you can incorporate some of Darcy’s ideas in your website. After all, it is designed for the reader and not for you.

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