“Lucky For Some, 13”

“Lucky For Some, 13” was my second thriller, published in December 2012. You can order it from Amazon.com or Amazon.in

Here’s the back cover copy:

“Is the only good terrorist a dead one? When she captures two fanatic fidayeen after their sensational terror strike in Goa in January 2010, little does Major Mohini Nair of India’s elite counter terrorism force, the National Security Guard, realize that they would be back to haunt her and the nation later that year.
In September 2010, in another audacious, chilling attack, some of Bangalore’s rich and famous are taken hostage in “Opulence” that last word in luxurious living, in a place and at a time they least expect. Clearly, the best of technology has crashed before base human emotions of greed and fanaticism. Ransom money is not what the mysterious terrorists want. They want the release of their two comrades and safe passage in exchange for the hostages. The blood-curdling brutality of the perpetrators, who include the beautiful Alice Hatchman, petrifies the hostages driving the story to a fever pitch.
Relishing the gruesome to show her power is easy for Alice as she loves no one. Rescuing the hostages is more difficult for Mohini for amongst them is the man she loves. Can the 13th floor penthouse of “Opulence” prove to be lucky for some?”

Here are a couple of extracts  from “Lucky For Some, 13”:-

That afternoon, on seeing the white women on the beach, Khalid who had not had a woman for long, made his own plans. His hungry eyes fed on the women frolicking in their skimpy beach wear.
“This would never be tolerated in our homeland. These whores would be severely punished,” said Ghouse, revolted by what to him was their wanton and shameful behaviour.
“Look at them half-naked, in front of total strangers!” said Khalid, swept by waves of lust.
“Are they as hot as they look? They must be expert lovers.”
Ghouse laughed at him, “Forget it! They won’t even look at you. In any case, we haven’t come here for that. Let’s get out of here fast!”
“There is only one way to find out. I will try one myself.”
“You can’t do that! We could get into trouble.”
“Shut your trap! I’ll do want I want. If you don’t want to join me, get lost!”

Khalid scanned the tourists enjoying themselves on the crowded beach. Helga Schonberg, a pretty German redhead lay all by herself at a distance, wearing a two piece bikini with a towel placed over her face. She looked incredibly sexy to him as she lay on her back. He walked over to her. With a swift motion, he pulled off the towel pointing his gun at her. It took her a few moments to come out of the meditative trance she was in. She shrieked with shock seeing this stranger peer at her from so close, gun in hand. Pulling her to her feet, he gestured towards the nearby shack. Making a new plan on the fly, he walked behind her. She turned but dared not run. Under the bright beach towel he had grabbed from her, she saw the snout of his pistol.

One evening, Suleiman was not yet back from work. Mary and Alice were at home.
“I like your boyfriend, Ronnie. Make him yours and you won’t have to scrounge around and struggle like me. Marry rich, honey, and you’ll be happy. Don’t make the mistakes I made in my life.”
Aleesa couldn’t tell her mother the turmoil she faced within her mind. But the kids in school now treated her differently. They treated her with more respect. Over time, they felt Aleesa was now Ronnie’s.
“You seem to be having a great time with Ronnie,” said June, her best friend. “Tell me, how is he in bed? Is he the stud he makes himself out to be?”  
“I am shocked myself but I am actually beginning to enjoy it. I long for more sex.”
“That’s cool. I wish my boyfriend was that hot. He is more interested in his ball game.”
“Ronnie treats me like his toy. He is rough but somewhere deep within I want him so bad.”
“Gee, you are lucky! Soon you will outlast all the boys in the gang!”
On a Sunday she would never forget, they took her to a State fair. In a tent sat an elderly gypsy woman doing tattoos. They dragged her there and “Ronnie” was tattooed in Gothic script with a dragon’s body as the background on the front of her right thigh.
“This will show the world that you are mine,” said Ronnie proudly. “Go anywhere in the world, this will stay with you. Tattoos are so easy to put on but almost impossible to remove.”
The old lady nodded, “This will be with you for the rest of your life, honey.”
Aleesa was horrified.



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