All Set For The A to Z Challenge


You may have seen my earlier post which speaks of the Blogging A to Z Challenge I await this as excitedly as I am sure many do from all over the world. When I last checked, I found that 1800 blogs/bloggers were already registered for the mega event. I use the term blogs/bloggers because some bloggers have more than one blog in the fray!

The event promises to be great fun. You still have some time to make up your mind, but not much. Should you wish to do so, here’s the link for signing on.

You have people who have chosen specific themes ( amongst many options) while others, like me, have decided to go in to cover a wider canvas with no specific theme in mind. It is your choice.

In case you have signed on already, I would urge you to go through the checklist that the organisers have prepared. It has some practical tips which are designed to help you get the most of participating in this event.

If you have already registered, I wish you great success. may you make new friends, discover many new blogs and develop new interests. If you haven’t yet signed on, I would urge you to consider doing so. They suggest each blog post should be around 200-300 words, so that’s not much of writing to do every day.

My blog, by the way, is at S. no.552 in the List of registered blogs. “Stories From A Story Teller” is the name.

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