“The Off-Site Tamasha” by Abhay Nagarajan

If a story line has a plot and situations that we can’t quite relate to, we find such stories rather tedious to read. On the contrary, as indeed they should be, there are some books which have a story that most of us relate to quite naturally. We see something of ourselves in the characters portrayed, making the book that much more credible and all the more enjoyable. ” The Off-Site Tamasha” ( A Comical Tale of Team Building) by Abhay Nagarajan is one such book.  If you are looking for a light read, look no further.

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Q for Quitting # A to Z Challenge

Q for me has to be for Quitting. Not quitting in general but this is about how I quit smoking and I hope my example could encourage someone somewhere to do the same. This 2007 post in my blog, ‘People at Work & Play” proudly proclaimed that as on that date I had remained Quit for 1514 days. More than six years have gone by since then and I haven’t sat down to count how more days have been added to that score.

A few key dates remain engraved in my mind. The first is July 4, 2003 easy to remember because it is the day the United States got Independence and I got independence from the clutches of this addiction. I went to NIMHANS in Bangalore where I live, curious to know what would happen in a Smoking Cessation Clinic. At 2.00 p.m. that day, I smoked my last cigarette. The initial days were excruciating as I was attempting to kick off a deeply ingrained habit. I had, after all, smoked for more than 30 years and you can’t break free from such a strong addiction so easily.

I once again would like to express my gratitude to ” buddies” in QuitNet who encouraged me, just as I encouraged them. I don’t know how many of them have remained away from cigarettes. I hope at least some of them , like me, have managed to break away from thus habit which is known to cause so many health hazards.

In 2005 I had a heart attack and in 2010 underwent a coronary artery bypass surgery. I am fine now, under the circumstances, but I often think that things may have become far worse had I not stopped smoking that afternoon way back in 2003.