Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14

Every year, Indian Top Blogs lists it’s Directory of best Indian Blogs. I am delighted to share with you that this blog features in the list one more time.  It is one of the 525 blogs chosen for this honour. I feel quite elated today. I started this as my writing blog called, “Writing To Be Read” and as you know merged all my writing related stuff into this blog/website some time ago. Continue reading “Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14”

“Let The Dead Stay Dead”: A Psychological Novel

Today, I plan to share a few thoughts on the making of “Let The Dead Stay Dead” my latest novel, which has been published on Wattpad to reach out to a larger audience. I must confess that I started out with the view that it would be a thriller, much like my first two novels, “It Can’t Be You” and “Lucky For Some, 13.”

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Stock Take on Writing Projects

Ok, the A to Z Challenge is over, my third novel, “Let The Dead Stay Dead ” has been released on Wattpad, and NaNoWriMo is still months away. This is a good time to stock take on my on-going writing projects. This exercise which I do from time to time, not only keeps readers informed of my work but more importantly acts as a compass for me to prioritize my time and energies. I would advocate all writers should do the same, with the frequency of such a stock take dependent on their specific requirements.

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Are you using Pinterest, Mr. Author?

It’s become a cliché now to say that writing is only a small part of the author’s job. There is so much to do in the realm of marketing, branding and so on, that one sometimes winders if more time is spent on these activities than on the core activity of writing itself.  I can’t recall who led me to starting an author page on Pinterest. I am sorry I have forgotten your name but I can’t forget to thank you for your idea. Continue reading “Are you using Pinterest, Mr. Author?”