Learn More About Writing

There really is no end to learning. Reading what others say about the craft of writing helps you improve your own writing. With this as the context, allow me to share a few articles that caught my attention over the last few weeks: 

  1. I love thrillers, both reading them and writing them so I read this article with great interest on Joanna Penn’s blog. It is called , “Thriller Novels: 7 Lessons Learnt From Thriller Writer Matthew Reilly.” In case you haven’t read any of his books, Matthew Reilly is an Australian thriller writer. More than 7.5 million copies of his books have been sold world-wide. It is interesting that Reilly got rejections from all the major publishers which made him self-publish his first book, “Contest” in 1996.
  2. In C S Lakin’s website, “Live, Write, Thrive” , I came across this useful blog post titled, “20 Things That Can Help You Find Inspiration For Writing.” This post is from writer Lesley J. Vos. There are some good suggestions here on how you can kick-start your writing, after a spell of writer’s block or especially after a long lay off.
  3.  Many of us write for material to be published online, a review, a summary, or even a tweet. The needs of readers are rather different in this space. Fast Company has this article by Belle Beth Cooper on, “ 8 Simple Scientifically Proven Ways To Improve Your Writing”. 

In conclusion, here is a brilliant composition put together by Bright Side. This cover 22 delightful bits of writing by children on a variety of subjects. A must read for a quiet chuckle.

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