Punctuation and More

How important is punctuation these days? We live in times when text messages have virtually corrupted the English language as we once knew it.  People write, “hv” for “have’, “4” instead of “for” and so on. Texting reflects the way we speak rather than the way we write. It pays scarce respect to punctuation making it seem as if  punctuation is a relic of the old days. However, I am sure aspiring writers realize that how you punctuate your writing, reflects your capability as a writer and more importantly, makes it easier for the reader to understand what you are trying to communicate. In this context the Top Ten Tips from The Punctuation Guide is a useful tool for aspiring writers who seek to improve upon their skills.

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No Promotion, No Sales!

If you want your book to do well, there’s a lot you need to do. Bob Mayer has brought out some powerful points in this article. I must thank Guy for his tweet pointing out this link. The first sentence says it all. According to Mayer, ” Ninety percent of books fail, because authors fail to promote it.” The post goes on to talk of those three key elements: Platform, Product and Promotion.

I learnt this early in my career as a writer. In November 2010, when my debut novel was launched, I wrote this blog post, motivated by John Shore.

If you have published your own book, the challenge is that much harder. Here’s what best-selling author of crime thrillers, Adam Croft has to say about building your own brand as an author.

If you thought making a career as a writer was all about writing, I think this may make you think again. Yes, it’s true. No promotion, no sales!