No Promotion, No Sales!

If you want your book to do well, there’s a lot you need to do. Bob Mayer has brought out some powerful points in this article. I must thank Guy for his tweet pointing out this link. The first sentence says it all. According to Mayer, ” Ninety percent of books fail, because authors fail to promote it.” The post goes on to talk of those three key elements: Platform, Product and Promotion.

I learnt this early in my career as a writer. In November 2010, when my debut novel was launched, I wrote this blog post, motivated by John Shore.

If you have published your own book, the challenge is that much harder. Here’s what best-selling author of crime thrillers, Adam Croft has to say about building your own brand as an author.

If you thought making a career as a writer was all about writing, I think this may make you think again. Yes, it’s true. No promotion, no sales!


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