Reviews of “It Can’t Be You”

An author feels thrilled to see reviews of his/her book.  They give you insight of what other people have thought of your work. I have found the reviews very useful because they also point towards areas where you need to do better. You get a fair idea of the success of a book when more people review it. Continue reading “Reviews of “It Can’t Be You””


Book Review by Life Wordsmith

My debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” (Cedar, November 2010), a psychological thriller, was recently reviewed by Life Wordsmith. I was very happy to see that the effort to develop the characters in my debut novel was appreciated. Continue reading “Book Review by Life Wordsmith”


I had an interview recently with Sakhi Shah. I liked her last question: describe what a phrase means to you in five or less words. The answer had to be crisp, yet meaningful!

In unrelated news, It Can’t Be You is now at Rank 41 in the 18,347 titles listed under the Suspense category in Flipkart. It is still holding out its own.

An unknown facet

Isn’t it a nice feeling when someone you know and respect, compliments you on some facet about you that he perhaps didn’t know about? I had this experience recently. I had worked for Mr. Ashok Soota during the mid-80s when I was responsible for Selection & Training in the old Wipro Infotech. Today, he is a doyen of the Indian IT industry and is the Chairman of MindTree Limited.

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