Is Your First Book Getting Published?

If you think you can sit back and relax now that your precious book has been sent off to the publishers, you are in for a major surprise. The more difficult part of selling the book kicks in right now. There is so much that you need to do as the author. If you are an author waiting for your first book to be published, have a look at Terry Cordingley’s post ” Five Things You Should Do Before Your Book Is Released.” It contains some basic yet crucial steps which you cannot afford to ignore.

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Ignore The Back Cover At Your Peril

Today, I thought I would share my views on that important part of the book, which some authors ignore at their own peril. I, of  course, speak of the back cover. Many authors, particularly first-timers, feel their job is done once they have written the book and handed it over to the publisher. I submit that you the author have a huge role to play in making the best use of the back cover. Continue reading “Ignore The Back Cover At Your Peril”