Military Characters I Have Admired From Fiction

I gave a talk recently on “The Joys of Writing.” In this I dwelt on the immense pleasure, which is hard to describe, that an author gets when he creates a character in a work of fiction. There are so many memorable characters from the pages of fiction: Sherlock Holmes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom Sawyer from Mark Twain,  Jeeves and Bertie Wooster ( and indeed a host of others) from P G Wodehouse, Rhett Butler from Margaret Mitchell and closer to our times, James Bond from Ian Fleming spring to mind. Continue reading “Military Characters I Have Admired From Fiction”

Character Lists

Today’s post, I must confess was triggered by this post on Character Lists in Marla Madison’s blog.

Do you remember books which listed the key characters in them? Here, for example, is a Character List from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

I liked this idea personally. I haven’t used this in any of my books but hope to do so in a work in progress project.  In addition to the points made by Marla in her blog, I believe the following are worth keeping in mind, if you plan to use a List of Characters: Continue reading “Character Lists”

John Masters

This post appeared in the Facebook Page for “It Can’t Be You” but not everyone who reaches here necessarily follows that Page, right? This is about an interesting conversation I had with an old friend recently. I was asked ” How come you chose a military kind of background for your book? You weren’t in the Army were you?”. No, I wasn’t- though many seeing me and my mugshot often conclude I was!

Continue reading “John Masters”