Sleeper Cells & Terror Plots

In the writing of my second thriller, “Lucky for Some, 13” I have made use of “sleeper cells” which are activated by terrorists, which is a common enough gambit across the world.  During war-time, it is not uncommon for countries to activate largely dormant sleeper cells in their enemy countries and get them to do what they expect of them. The German Abwehr, for example, had several sleeper cells active in both Britain and the United States during the Second World War. Continue reading “Sleeper Cells & Terror Plots”

Sleeper Cells

Authors wonder sometimes if they are prophetic. How is it that what appears in the plot of their books actually happens in reality? I guess the answer lies in their writing about what they perceive happens in the society they live in.  Here’s a case in point. What I have written in “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” about sleeper cells in Bangalore seems to have come true. Continue reading “Sleeper Cells”