On Querying

As mentioned earlier, I am in the process of querying for my third thriller, “Let The Dead Stay Dead.” As always it has been a hugely educative experience.  I had the opportunity to see many interesting websites and blogs of literary agents and was totally lost in the wealth of knowledge and perspectives found there. This is by no means a comprehensive list. I am only mentioning top of the mind a few points that have stayed with me. Continue reading “On Querying”

Interactions at PES College of Engg

I never miss an opportunity to interact with the youth of India. It was natural then for me to immediately accept an invitation from the Dept of MBA, PES College of Engineering, Bangalore to talk to their students at their Hosur Road campus. They have interactions with people from industry in their series called the Clean Slate Lecture Series. For the first time, they had invited a published author, yours truly!

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Sentence Length- “Stepping Down”

The pace of the story is dictated by the sentence length. Not  just the words used. This thought occurred to me as I sat reviewing something that I had written.  Here’s the context. The good guy in a story is an a jam. He has to extricate himself from a difficult situation. He has to throw off his trail a man who is following him some distance away by assaulting him when he least expects it. Here we go then:

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