Thank you, Mr. Lukeman

I never imagined writing a query letter would be that important. Honest. As I learn more about the craft of the trade, I am amazed at the wealth of information available on writing queries. There are books, websites and blogs which cover the subject in great detail.

I have enjoyed reading a lot over the last few weeks about writing in general and querying in particular. Reaching out to a literary agent and getting his/her attention to go through your unpublished work is far more complicated than reaching for the nearest telephone.

Noah Lukeman started Lukeman Literary Management Ltd in 1996. His clients include winners of the Pulitzer Prize and the American Book Award. He has put together his advice on querying in a ebook called ” How To Write A Great Query Letter” . You can download this for free. He has a wealth of information in his personal website which include free excerpts of his writings.

I found his tips of much value. I am certain my queries now are far more effective than the ones I started off with!

Thank you, Mr. Lukeman.

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