Saddest aspect of War

A soldier and his family know that a war could result in a variety of consequences for him. He could return safely and be lauded as a hero. He could return with wounds and scars to remind him of the battles for the rest of his life. Or he could die in battle, which is the risk any military person runs.

What is perhaps worse for his family is when there is no news of him after he was captured as a Prisoner-of-War. I feel deeply for those whose loved ones were taken Prisoners-of-War and never returned. In my book, which has elements of historical fiction, Col. Belliappa’s war wounds affect him significantly in the years after the war. He also feels very strongly about the Prisoners-of-War who did not return and supports the Missing Personnel Relatives Association.

Surely this must be one of the saddest aspects of our wars.


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