Best Sellers

Every author dreams of writing what becomes a best seller! The New York Times list of best sellers is in a sense a hallmark of having “got there”. Here is the list of Top Ten Books for 2010 from the New York Times. I was happy to find that amongst them was a book about cancer from an oncologist, Dr. Siddarth Mukherjee’s “The Emperor Of All Maladies”.

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Dec 16- Vijay Diwas

December 16 is celebrated as Vijay Diwas or Victory Day in India. It was on December 16, 1971 that the Pakistani forces in the then East Pakistan surrendered to end the 1971 December war between the two countries. Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Eastern Command accepted the surrender from Gen A A K Niazi. This is a memorable picture.

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“Route 32”

Before I wrote my first novel, a psychological thriller called “It Can’t Be You”, I had written a few short stories. Like all my stories, they are set in India, where I have lived all my life. I am pleased to say that one of these short stories is to be featured in an anthology of short stories by men being published by Unisun Publications.

I might add that “Route 32”, the short story being published, is  one that I particularly liked. It is the story of a bus driver in Bangalore, where I live. I shall post more details about this anthology when I get more specific information.

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Write In A Rush, Edit At Leisure

Guess what? I haven’t looked at my NaNo 2010 effort since  I finished the required 50,000 words to qualify as having completed NaNo successfully. I find that editing and polishing your writing take much more time and effort than writing the first draft. I am sure this must be your experience too. As I have learnt over the short time, I have started writing in earnest ” Write In A Rush, Edit At Leisure”.

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First Reactions

Here are the first reactions to “It Can’t Be You”: Susmita Bagchi, author of “ Children Of A Better God” and State Sahitya Akademi Award winner- “I read your book the moment it reached us and finished it the next day. I liked the way you have written it and loved the descriptions. I hope we get to see many more thrillers”