Aren’t you on Twitter?

As a relatively new author, I feel I have so much to learn from the writing community across the world. As you might know, my debut novel  It Can’t Be You was published in November 2010. I am so glad that I am on Twitter as it has given me an opportunity to interact with authors and those interested in books and writing from across the world. Continue reading “Aren’t you on Twitter?”

Launch at Reliance TimeOut

If you are in Bangalore and want to meet me and get an autographed copy of “It Can’t Be You”, here is a chance you may like to grab. I look forward to seeing you at Reliance TimeOut, #74, Cunningham Road @ 5.00 p.m. on Saturday, January 22, 2011 where the book will be launched for the Reliance TimeOut chain of stores.

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An unknown facet

Isn’t it a nice feeling when someone you know and respect, compliments you on some facet about you that he perhaps didn’t know about? I had this experience recently. I had worked for Mr. Ashok Soota during the mid-80s when I was responsible for Selection & Training in the old Wipro Infotech. Today, he is a doyen of the Indian IT industry and is the Chairman of MindTree Limited.

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God is in the Details

At a recent book reading, someone asked me “How did you manage to keep track of all the characters in your novel over many years? Was there any particular method you used?”. The short answer is meticulous notes on ages, events, and so on. Make sure you get it all right. You can’t have someone be aged 35 in a particular year and be shown as being 45 a few years earlier somewhere else in the novel !! Continue reading “God is in the Details”

Ideas for Characters

It’s quite fascinating how you can pick up ideas for your characters from almost anywhere! During my walk in the neighbourhood park a couple of days ago, I walked past a lady who was on the phone. As she spoke I noticed she had this habit of almost humming during the conversation. It went something like this ” You are to come tomorrow…hmmmmmm…..will you definitely come…..hmmmmmm……I will need to see you…hmmmmmmmmm”.

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Top 10 Blogs For Writers

I love lists! I love them all the more when they are about things that interest me deeply- like writing, for example. If you are keen on improving your skills in writing and in building your perspective about what it means to be a writer, I am sure you do follow blogs on writing. They give you something to think about and tips and suggestions

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Best Thrillers

If, like me, you are a thriller fan, Best Thrillers, is a must visit site. Here you can find out what’s new in the genre you love the most. New releases, book trailers, reviews…they are all here. You can follow them on Facebook as well as on Twitter. I hope a day will come when “It Can’t Be You” features on this site!