Doing Well On Flipkart

By any account, It Can’t Be You seems to be doing well on Flipkart. Was delighted to find that it currently ranks 38 out of the 17202 titles under “Suspense” in the Flipkart site. Most thrilling of all is to be on the same list (though admittedly not in the same league) as writers I have admired like: Ken Follett, Dan Brown, John Grisham, Arthur Hailey, James Patterson, Stephen King, Mario Puzo and John Le Carre amongst others!

Advice For New Writers

As a new writer, be ready to be offered tons of advice. From a host of well-meaning friends, family and even others who don’t know you from Adam. The moment they come to know that you are a new writer, they are liable to say “Oh, have you tried this…..” or ” Really, I think you should spend more time on that…”

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