Learnings As A Writer

In a sense I guess a book is never fully complete. I say so because the scope for improving your writing is boundless. Yet, we need to stop somewhere  as there is no limit to the extent of editing that you can do. My second book is getting ready. Yes, “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” is now almost complete. I would like to share some learnings today. Continue reading “Learnings As A Writer”

No.33 out of 17310 in Suspense Category.

Some days ago, I had mentioned that It Can’t Be You was doing rather well on Flipkart, a very popular online business. I am glad to say the trend continues. It is now being offered at a 5 % discount on Flipkart. What pleases me more is that it has moved up to No. 33 out of 17310 titles listed under the “Suspense” category in Flipkart.