Advice For New Writers

As a new writer, be ready to be offered tons of advice. From a host of well-meaning friends, family and even others who don’t know you from Adam. The moment they come to know that you are a new writer, they are liable to say “Oh, have you tried this…..” or ” Really, I think you should spend more time on that…”

If you are looking for some good advice from an experienced author and speaker, Mary DeMuth has put together a collection of good advice for the new writer in her blog “Turning Trials To Triumph” ( Now isn’t that an inspiring name?).

Do read her blog post on the Best Advice For New Writers. I thought it was very interesting with different perspectives. I added that resilience is a “must have” quality for new writers- especially if you want to make a career of writing.  You can be sure that there will be many rejections. Your ability to bounce back and not lose faith in yourself and your writing will be crucial for success.

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