Learnings As A Writer

In a sense I guess a book is never fully complete. I say so because the scope for improving your writing is boundless. Yet, we need to stop somewhere  as there is no limit to the extent of editing that you can do. My second book is getting ready. Yes, “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” is now almost complete. I would like to share some learnings today.Firstly, the chapters lengths are totally skewed. I know they need not be of the exact same length but some of them are awfully long. I need to re-arrange them in a better way.

Secondly, I need to do more editing. To get the story moving with less verbosity. I need to be ruthless in eliminating excess words that don’t add value to the story. Many of these are descriptive.

Thirdly, since the book is positioned as a thriller, I need to ensure that it does thrill!

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