B for Blogging!

There’s no question! This is the Bloggers A-Z Challenge, right? B has to be for Blogging! That’s what has brought so many of us together. That’s what has created new interests, new aspirations and new dreams for millions of people the world over.

I was relatively a late starter but more than made up for lost time with my enthusiasm. I began blogging in 2006. By then I was already 55! I realised that a blog could be an excellent platform for me to present my thoughts on issues relating to my profession as a talent management specialist and executive coach. Inspired by my young friend, Gautam Ghosh, who was already a veteran blogger, I started with my first blog called “People at Work & Play”. Its theme: ideas to managing your career while maintaining a work-life balance. I am glad to say that this blog is still very much on. This blog will have a special place in my heart for the many friends it has given me from different parts of the world. I do have a truly global following. There are many posts there, more than a thousand of them. One series I really enjoyed writing was called A Step a Day. I did this for 365 days without a break! It came in for much favorable comment. Over the years, I am glad that many people, young and old, students and experienced people alike have liked the content in my blog. I am on the verge of hanging up my professional boots and turning to my new passion for writing as a full-time writer.

My second blog was/is called Looking At Life. It was meant to be a place for me to share my thoughts and observations…about life as it went by. However, it became almost autobiographical as I tried to capture my thoughts from my childhood upwards. One thing led to another. The childhood posts made it centered around the school I went to. You do need focus as a blogger. What do you want your blog to be about? May be I should re-look at its positioning in due course of time It perhaps can capture my feelings at two ends of the spectrum as a young boy and now as an old man!

More recently I started a writing blog called Writing To Be Read. This was largely triggered by my writing my debut novel It Can’t Be You. In this I hope to share resources I have come across, links to sites that could help writers, especially aspiring ones and share my own thoughts and experiences.

What does blogging mean to me? My principle is simple. I have gained so much from others, why shouldn’t I give back what ever I can? There may be some things you know and take for granted but someone somewhere could be looking for help and struggling with that issue. Your blog post may just be what they are looking for. It may inspire them to change, to remain motivated or even just start.

Sure, blogging takes up time. It does call for effort but then nothing in this world comes for free. The satisfaction that you get from blogging is immense. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a blogger. I hope your’s will be as interesting and rewarding as mine.

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