More options to order ICBY

As you know, ICBY was published in November 2010. the formal book launch took place on November 29 at Crosswords, Bangalore. There are several pictures to capture this very happy moment for me in the Facebook Page for ICBY. The options available for readers to order the book were initially listed in the website with the tab “Order the Book”.

The options included Amazon, Flipkart, Pustak Mahal, Rediff Books, Sapnaonline, Indiaplaza, Unicorn Books, Infibeam and A1 Books. Links to all these are provided at the site.

As time went by and the book became more popular, more options are now available to readers to order the book. They include:-

  1. Alekip the online book store
  2. Books Club
  3. Egully
  4. Bookvistas
  5. Stack Your Rack
  6. Indiatimes Uread

Do leave a comment /review at the sites where you order the book.


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