Never Too Old

In a recent conversation, someone said ” I would love to write too. I want to but at my age I can’t think of writing for so long each day. That’s beyond me”. I said “Nonsense! You are never too old to do something. ICBY was published a fortnight after my 59th birthday:)

Based on my experience in writing ” It Can’t Be You” here are my suggestions for those who want to write:

  • Choose a genre you are passionate about: You can excel in one area- very seldom in all areas.
  • Do your research meticulously: This adds to the credibility of your story.
  • Live your characters: Whatever your plot, it’s your characters that make up the story. Devote time to develop them and do this well.
  • Never underestimate your audience: your story shouldn’t be too simple nor should it be too complex. Let the readers think about the story as they read it. They should anticipate what may happen next, but not successfully!
Best wishes for your writing efforts.

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