Author’s Exercise: Review after 8 months

As a debut author, to me it seems it was just the other day that my psychological thriller “It Can’t Be You” was released at Crossword in Bangalore where I live by author and corporate honcho, Subroto Bagchi. Actually considerable time has flown since that evening in November 2010.

I took it upon myself to review what has happened since that exciting day:-

  • The book has been well received as evidenced by the reviews and newspaper articles you will find elsewhere in this site and on its Facebook Page.
  • Over 400 people have liked it on Facebook,
  • It is available on Kindle through at a competitive price and in fact can be got as hard copy both in North America and the UK.
  • It recently ranked 461, 504 out of the ever so many books available on Kindle from Amazon
  • It has consistently been in the top 70 titles under the “Suspense” category in India’s popular book portal, Flipkart. I feel honored that great writers like John La Carre, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum and Mario Puzo ( only to name a few) feature on this list.
These things have undoubtedly given me a sense of satisfaction but more than anything else, it has reinforced in me the desire to become a full time author.

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